Cedro Amargo

Young cedro tree branch on the Leaves and Lizards policulture plantation.

Cedro seedling

Note health of cedar seedling - many times the butterfly borer will lay its eggs on this seedling and destroy the tree.


Costa Rica Tree Descriptions - Cedro Amargo

Cedrella odorata


Family Name: Meliaceae
Defining Characteristics: This is a monoecious tree that can be up to 40 m tall.  It is not native to this area of Costa Rica.  It has an open tree crown.  The bark is gray/brown and can peel.  The leaves are compound and pinnate.  They are green on top and purple/gray on the bottom.  This tree also has flowers and fruit that occur between April and July. 
Ecological Role: These trees attract insects that pollinate the flowers.


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